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New Stainless Steel Valves

316 Stainless Steel valves join the ‘Junior’ valve family of 5 watt valves. These are 1/8” 2 ways and 3 ways, compact and competitively priced. Click here.

New Steam Valves

O.D.E. has introduced a new range of valves for steam use. In sizes 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch BSP the valves are piston operated by pilot control. The piston operation allows high flow, high maximum pressure [25 Bar] combined with reliability and long life. Click here for more information.

Timer added to the range

Serious equipment damage and plant shut-downs can result from accumulation of water in compressed air receivers, airlines, water traps and filters. Easy automatic draining is now possible using the new O.D.E. timers to periodically operate a solenoid drain valve fitted to low points that collect water. The slim and attractive timers have adjustable ON and OFF times and fit directly onto the O.D.E. Solenoid valve coil. Click here for more information.