ODENZ - supporting New Zealand industries with ODE solenoid and process valves for 30 years


ODENZ is a 100% owned NZ Company that has supported both NZ industry and the coffee sector with solenoid valves and pumps since 1989. Industrial valves from 1/8” up to 3” are stocked & distributed by a network of knowledgeable distributors throughout NZ. Valves for coffee applications are supported directly from our store.

ODENZ are in the ‘solutions’ business. We are not just a supplier of valves; we provide solutions for projects and problems.

ODE is an Italian manufacturer of high quality solenoid valves for liquids and gases. Mr Giovanni Pensa started what was to evolve into ODE in the small northern Italian town of Esino Lario in 1960. Mr Pensa wanted to provide employment for people and family in the area so started making small mechanical components for various industries. This evolved into the manufacture of solenoid valves for liquids, gasses and steam.

Since these early times ODE has grown into one of Europe’s and indeed the world’s major specialist solenoid valve manufacturers. ODE specialises in valves so only make valves. A focus that produces innovative, quality and price competitive valves now and into the future.

100% NZ owned and operated businessWe think it’s important you know that we are a 100% NZ owned and operated business. This means we keep and spend our profits right here in NZ – and we think that’s worth supporting. Every dollar kept in NZ helps our economy by improving our health system, building roads, infrastructure and schools etc.